Red Wine Audio Signature 30.2

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Kehuttu akuilla toimiva integroitu vahvistin. Päivitetty litium-akuilla “LFP-V”. Hyvässä kunnossa. Laturi mukaan. Alkuperäinen laatikko. Tarkistettu, koekäytetty. Kuukauden takuu.

Make no mistake, this “LFP-V” revision of the 30.2 Signature integrated is a major one. Chief vintner Vinnie Rossi has moved from SLA batteries to Lithium-Iron Phospate – they offer greater longevity and better withstand faster and deeper discharging. “SLA batteries do not like being deep-cycled and doing so greatly reduces their cycle life.”, Vinnie told me. The other motivator for a battery-type change was to accommodate customer requests to be able to listen and charge (the amplifier) simultaneously.

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